Music- A Child's Best Friend

Music- A Child’s Best Friend

A lot of grown-ups have unfulfilled wishes where music is concerned.


“If only I could play the guitar BUT, … I wanted to learn BUT…. I really wanted to train as a singer…. BUT…., I wanted to pursue music as a career BUT”


The list of “BUTs” is endless and one is left admiring those who play & excel while one is pursuing an MBA or a steady bank job


Music is not just a hobby or past-time. It is a gift, a skill and a superb tool to help develop your brain. It makes people smarter, sharper, calmer and connect better


Which is why we, at Quarter Note, believe that Music is a child’s best friend.


We already have 3 year old kids as students. Their capacity to grasp and learn is heightened and the lessons actually sharpen their grey cells!





1) That music has been scientifically proven to develop every area of your brain!


2) That studies with youngsters have shown that early exposure to music is linked with superior motor skills, spatial intelligence and even social abilities!


3) That learning music helps you calm, relax, rejuvenate and energize!


4) That studies conducted by Early Childhood specialists revealed that children who started music lessons young showed a dramatic improvement in their IQ levels?? Compared to children who were not taking music lessons, they were better at semi-complex tasks like working with mazes, copying patterns of colour, drawing geometric patters, spatial intelligence which eventually laid the foundation for sharper Math & Science skills!


5) That it is therapeutic! Like Sport, Art and Dance, Music is the best antidote to depression and an excellent way to combat stress.


6) That music helps children build social skills by honing their temperament and helping them connect to others. Teamwork, friendships, balance & rhythm become a natural part of a child’s growth and help him interact better.


7) That it improves confidence in a child! Just like a tune has a pitch and a base, so does life. By learning to adapt to the various aspects of rhythm, a child gains confidence that there is no reason to fear failure. Their self-image becomes positive and they value the uniqueness of others and their own


8) That it helps strengthen the Parent-Child bond by nurturing emotional intelligence!


9) That it cultivates Concentration & Focused Listening! This in turn enhances the grasping abilities of a child – at school, and at home


10) That it just makes children grow up to Happier people! (that doesn’t need an explanation for sure!!)


Having shared this we, at Quarter Note, believe that at the end of the day – Music should just be sheer Joy…. a child should learn to relish the tunes and celebrate this gift!


We also believe that you’re NEVER OLD TO START!!!! If the child in you is ready to learn, our teachers are willing to help you get there!!!!

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