Admissions FAQ

1) What sets Quarter Note apart from other music schools and private instructors?


Ans: The ambience created for learning music at Quarter Note centers along with the unique curriculum sets Quarter Note apart from other music schools & private instructors. Please read About QNIM to know more about us & get an insight about our training methods.


2) What are the pre-requisites for learning an instrument at Quarter Note?


Ans: We believe that music must be made available to everyone irrespective of prior music knowledge. At Quarter Note, we train students individually & thus, training is –provided to anyone with a desire to learn music.


3) When and how often do classes take place?


Ans : New Quarter Note centers are being launched at various places in India. Classes are conducted once or twice a week depending on the grade level of the students. For more details on centres and timings, please visit our office or contact us at +91-9920967437.


4) How do we know, as parents, whether the child has the talent required to learn an instrument?


Ans. We firmly believe that every child can be taught music by innovative methods of teaching. It is impossible to judge a student’s capability for learning a particular instrument within a few classes. It takes time to learn any music instrument. The initial 3 month beginner course will give you a fair idea on the progress of the student. Regular feedbacks are given to the parents to monitor the progress.


5) I have a very particular taste in Music. Can I still be a student of Quarter Note?


Ans. Yes. Definitely. The curriculum will be designed to suit your requirements. If you have already mastered a genre, we would concentrate on other genres to make you a more versatile musician. However, beginners are advised to follow our basic curriculum which will give them an overview of all the genres.


6) What age-groups are the courses designed for?


Ans : At Quarter Note, we start training from the age group of 3 years & above. The Music Wonderland course is designed for students between 3 years to 7 years of age. Various courses are available which are suitable for students of any age group.


7) What about music concerts and stage performances? Will I get to play on Stage?


Ans: We organize several stage performances for students where each & every student performs irrespective of his level of playing. The idea is to give practical insight on the problems faced during performances. Also, performing live is the best way to overcome stage fear & anxiety.


8) I don’t have an instrument. Can I still take music lessons?


Ans: It is impossible to progress without owning an instrument as you will start playing on the first class itself. Hence, we highly recommend that you purchase the instrument before joining the course. You can also check out Quarter Note’s online music store for recommended instruments or visit our retail Music store in Mumbai.



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