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When I first started playing the guitar, I would often find myself getting bored with the basics/theory for several months & would often crave to learn a song from my music teacher. As most of the music teachers believe in developing strong base in Music Theory before commencing a song, it took me years to understand notations & music theory. However, when I started teaching music & tried implementing the same old curriculum, students often yawned in the music class. That’s when I realised I needed to develop an interesting music curriculum comprising of balance of music theory along with songs, softwares, backing tracks and non-competitive stage performances which kept the whole learning process interesting and innovative.


Today, International Music Examination boards like Trinity College London & Rockschool UK have launched Rock and Pop curriculum which involves famous songs from established artists for their exams to help spread the joy of music to everyone. It is a known fact that learning music is faster & much more interesting through songs as the student can relate to them better than just music theory or only classical pieces.


If you always wanted to learn music but never really had the time or the right guidance to pursue it, SoundMonk School is the answer to all your music needs. Our faculty includes exceptionally talented artists and musicians with diverse knowledge in music and they strive to share their musical knowledge with you which they have gained over the years.┬áSoundMonk is now a thriving music community and it provides numerous “gig” opportunities for students through band formation or solo performances to prepare them for the music industry.

At SoundMonk, through our years of experience in music education & in music industry, we help our students to enhance their musical talent and guide them towards becoming Industry Ready to face all the challenges in the music world.

I look forward to meeting you at SoundMonk School of Music to unleash your musical talent.


Viresh Loni

Founder & CEO,SoundMonk Music


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