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  • My son Pranav has been learning to play the guitar under Viresh for the past year and a half. Quarter Note has given him opportunities to perform to a crowd which has helped him overcome his fear of ‘stage fright’. In fact Viresh went a step further and let Pranav experiment with vocals too, singing was a new experience for Pranav and thanks to the chance given to him, he realised he could make his music more wholesome combining the two, instrument & vocals!Viresh induces the fun factor when it comes to learning and he connects well with the kids. His team at Quarter Note is very approachable and supportive! They are all extremely energetic, self-motivated & passionate about their work and their students..their ambition and desire to push barriers are truly inspiring!

    Neeta Khemka
  • When Viresh decided to start the Quarter Note Institute of Music after completing his academics, I was only too happy to be one of the first to join the Institute, first at Bandra and then in Juhu. Since then there has been no stopping this dynamic young man, who with the help of his able Team, Sauraj Patil, Tushad Patel and several others, seems to be going from strength to strength, opening several branches, an online Music store ( and now a Music store in Andheri W, Soundmonk. I wish Viresh and his Team all the very best and am sure countless students will be able to realize their musical dreams under his able guidance.

    Prochy Master
  • Quarter Note Institute is very different than most of the music schools I have been a part of. It takes care of a wholesome growth of a music student, be it in any field, instrumental or vocal. Preparing students to shine out with excellence in the professional music scene is one of the most important look out of this institute. It has given me an opportunity to learn the best of Pop and Rock vocals under the able guidance of best vocal teachers. I will always be thankful to Quarter Note for giving me a new vision in my individual growth as a musician and it has contributed a lot in my understanding of world music in general. It will be always pleasure for me to be a part of Quarter Note.

    Himali Vyas
  • I've been a student learning guitar at Quarter Note Institute of Music for a year and a half now, and it is the most amazing experience. I've been exposed to learning songs of all sorts, with a little Trinity here, a bit of Rockschool there, and a lot of other random stuff somewhere in the middle - I was never given a chance to get 'bored'. The teachers, of course, are something else all together; without whom this whole undertaking would obviously be impossible.

    Noorie Choudhury
  • Being a student of QuarterNote has been a very interesting and enriching experience. I first thought it would be like most other boring institutes where all you learn is how to play by the book( or in this case notes), but that notion was quickly dispelled when I joined the classes. While the course material ranges from Trinity course preparations to funs songs to random riffs, so does the atmosphere of the class. Viresh Sir seems more a friend than a teacher; one that we can all look up to and speak to about absolutely anything. Most importantly, the institute does not only endorse or teach guitars! They have lessons for drums and keyboards among other things. I’d recommend QuarterNote to any and all for the all round learning experience.

    Videet Parekh